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Cargo bag con fondina 48 products available
selected objects for outdoor activities and survival, for outdoor games, war games/soft air and for those who want to spend some time hiking and have accessories that can be indispensable to carry in the backpack. survival items and accessories for personal hygiene in extreme c...

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first aids and instrumentations

Cargo bag con fondina 13 products available
kit for self-medication come complete with everything you need for out-door tours, relief supplies like masks by ventilation, scissors cut clothes, stethoscopes and torches for ocular inspection. Practical medication kit encased in cordura enclosures can attach to belt or bag. E...

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Cargo bag con fondina 17 products available
everything you need for personal protection such as knee pads, elbow pads, riot shields, padding for the legs and arms, ballistic vest and earplugs graduate for shooting ranges and for those who handle firearms, but also anti-mosquito protector, repulsive, waterproofing sprays fo...

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