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italian patches of  italian military air force squadron FRECCE TRICOLORI
9.00 tp173

embroidered or plastic patches with italian flag.
4.00 tp300

Italian flag patch ricamata.Dimensions 7.5 x 5 cm. Patch in nylon and cotton, long resistant, applicable by sewing directly on material. The best finishing of details, and excellent material used. Can be used for custom jackets, jeans, hats, sweatshirts, bags or other material.
5.00 tp301

4.00 tp980

embroidered iron-on patches Italian Air Force toppe ricamate termoadesive Aeronautica Militare Italiana A - 72 stormo B - 50 stormo C - 6 stormo D - 15 stormo
6.00 tp115
Unico - D

emboidered iron on badges Italian Air Force. A) 46a brigata aerea B) Sarvam C) 154 gruppo  D) Centro di volo a vela aeronautica militare
6.00 tp160

emboidered iron on badges Italian Air Force. A ) 98° gruppo B) 8° gruppo  C) 101 gruppo D) 28° gruppo
6.00 tp177
Unico - C

embroidered iron-on patches missions abroad A) SFOR B) KFOR C) IFOR D) stemma ONU
5.00 tp144

Various embroidered iron-on patches: A) Operazione Vespri Siciliani B) Operazione Alba scudetto C) Operazione Alba tondo D) Operazione Riace
6.00 tp147

iron on. A) Paratroopers B) Folgore Bulldog C) Instructor low visibility D) Instructor high visibility Dimensioni(long side/diameter 8 cm)
5.00 tp100

TWO personilzed embroideries "Firemen" with velcro on the back. the following patches can be produced (minimum 2 pieces for each inscription): Surname and first letter of the name + blood-group (for example ROSSI M. A RH+ ) or TOWN
8.00 tp151

embroidered patches with velcro "Firemen" 155) Foremann volounteer 156) Firemen volounteer 157) Standing foreman 158) Standing fireman
5.00 tp155

embroidered patches "Firemen", with italian and european flag. choose the size: A) Volounteer B) Reserve C) Foreman D) Foreman volounteer E) Standing
6.00 tp159

reflectors, little (side or diameter 7 cm 49) ANPAS 50) Misericordie 51) National Civil Defense new badge velcro addition 0,50 each ? write in the box "COMMENTS" if you want the velcro behind the patch
5.00 tp049

6.00 tp083
Retroschiena Prot.Civ. internaz.

reflex back plastic patch International Civil Defence diameter 22 cm.
€ 12 6.00 tp082

plastic material reflector badge holder. colours white - yelow - orange
3.00 tp076

height cm. 5 with prints of esculapio cross. METER PRICE
8.00 tp078