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Cotton Sweatshirt mod US Marines. It is an interesting  military vest for sport features the insignia reguls use. Insigna of  the famous elite unit of the US ARMY. It is one of the most glorious and legendary units of military history of United States, and in the world. These insigna  associated with   modern and sporty  clothing, make this sweatw earxtremely pleasant and scope.   ----- The United States Marines, with their characteristic uniform, armed forces are among the best known in the United States. The origins of the Marine Corps can be traced back to the period of the War of Independence, and their history is full of successes and memorable feats. The Marines do not have a single currency, but at least 4 uniform: in addition to the combat is the parade uniform, the service uniform and the uniform for the gala. The uniforms of the Marine Corps are probably the most recognizable of all the American armed forces. The classic uniform of the Marines, the parade, has remained almost unchanged since the 19th century, with its distinctive blue color, produced in several variants for ceremonies and formal occasions. The service uniform is more austere, with a color that ranges from khaki and olive green. Then there is the camouflage uniform, necessary to camouflage the soldier during operations in nature. Currently this uses a uniform pattern MARPAT pixelated, digital camouflage pattern variants proposed in urban, desert and woodland, and which serves to distinguish the camouflage of Marines from other camouflage. The uniform for Marines MARPAT pattern is formed by rectangular pixels of only 3 colors: coyote brown, olive green and black. Numerous laboratory studies it was found that the pattern pixelated make a person less visible to the human eye unlike normal woodland. That's why the uniform of the United States Marines is currently among the most avant-garde. The shirt features simple and slanted pockets, has reinforced elbows and adjustable cuffs. Even the pants are full of pockets: 6 well at the top, inside pockets for knee pads (reinforced) pockets and ankles.



  hoodie  MARINES

Code: GO 105

Cotton hoodie „US Marines“ model. It is a very rigorous item, that has got the badges of the most famous Us Army elite units. It is one of the most glorious and legendary unit of the US and world army history. These badges joined to a modern and sports clothing let the item be very pleasant and appreciated. This wonderful item goes beyond the achromatic sweatshirt´s concept, and lets this clothing be the leading item of the technical garment